Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in 1485 to be exact (7 years before Columbus stepped into the New World) an Earl by the name of Henry Tudor, sailed into Mill Bay, with 55 ships and 4000 men. He stepped ashore at Dale and marched to Ambion Hill, nr Market Bosworth (a distance of somewhere between 150-200 miles in 15 days) and did battle with King Richard III, where he was victorious and became King Henry VII. The battle became known as The Battle of Bosworth, where King Richard was killed and in effect ended the War of The Roses. The Tudor Dynasty was born and the course of English History was changed more significantly than ever, since the events of 1066.

Today we walked around the Dale headland, a circular walk from Dale Village around St Anns Head, past the very beach at Mill Bay (above) where the incursion happened and back to Dale.

Even though we were out in the rain for the duration, we didn’t have the strong winds of previous days to contend with. Once again the views were amazing and the history that we were immersed in made for lively discussion.

It wasn’t a long walk because of the weather but, it was certainly enjoyable and was rewarded with a fabulous lunch in The Griffin Inn at Dale.

Lets hope that tomorrow is a dry day If so, we will take a trip to Ramsey Island for more hiking and wildlife watching.