Richard J B Wharram

A journey through my life………


VW Beeetle 1303S – this was one of my favourites. It was completely unmodified and original. Sadly it passed away, otherwise it would still be with me today!

Triumph Italia – I’m in love with this car!

Manufactured in late ’59 and first registered in Italy on early 1960 this car is build number 35 of 329. Completely restored between 2005-2006 with all photographs and invoices, preserving 100% originality. Only 8.000 km. after restoration. This car is fully described on Automobilismo d’epoca n.41 oct. 2008 as one of the best surviving Italia’s.


The natural beauty…………

Gumballed in 2009 – Los Angeles to Miami

and Gumballed again in 2010 – London to New York


One thought on “Cars

  1. my name is Richard. Two years ago there was a Triumph Italia on Bring a trailer of the most beautiful blue color and restored to perfection and sold and I missed it as I was traveling. Do you know where it is now?


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