Transfer day today but, just a short one.

We are heading to Marloes, which is only 30 miles away around the other side of St Bride’s Bay. Not much to see in the way of special or historic sites but, the scenery is stunning with plenty of bays and coves to photograph on the way.

After a short journey we pass through Solva but, it’s too early for lunch but, we remember the woollen mill which was closed at the weekend but open during the week. We take a little detour to Solva Woollen Mill as the ladies love the local products. After spending quite a while there and way hong the weavers at work and observing the working water wheel, we are ready for a light lunch. Seafood chowder and
homemade soups were the order of the day at “35”, a restaurant owned by a friend of a friend in Solva itself. It really is a small world sometimes 🙂

After lunch we drive on past the expanse of Newgale Sands where we stop for a mandatory photo of the surf and kite boarders, shimmering against the sun.

We also stop to talk a short walk on the pretty little beach of Little Haven while the weather is good. However as we reach the surf, there’s a storm approaching, which throws some amazing colours into the sea, as the blue sky battles with the dark brooding clouds. White sea horses dance across electric, turquoise green water. Just as we get back to the car, the heavens open!
Next stop Druidstone beach, a long-time family favourite. The views are impressive from the top of the cliffs. If you look carefully high above the beach you can also see Malator “earth house” featured on Grand Designs a few years ago. I still don’t know how they got planning permission for that in such a place of natural beauty but, what a view!

After a couple more coves, we end up in Marloes at our accommodation for the next three nights. We check in and as its a nice early sunny evening I talk the ladies into a walk down to Marloes Sands. This beach brings back many memories of family holidays and although I’ve been back a few times over more recent years with the dogs, the tide has been high and it wasn’t as I remembered it. Today though, the tide is all the way out and on the turn. This is exactly as I remember it, with its perfectly smooth sands interspersed with large sandy rock pools, that you can bath in on a hot summers day and a formidable backdrop of jagged black rocks and flower covered cliffs. Today the drama in the skies and the lateness of the afternoon is giving us wonderful light, perfect for capturing some dramatic photos.



Time for some dinner.